New multisensor dataset of train lines in Hamburg published

A new multisensor dataset of train routes in Hamburg has been published in the FID move research data repository.


New multisensor dataset of train lines in Hamburg published.
The German Center for Rail Transport Research (DSZF) has published the dataset "Open Sensor Data for Rail 2023" (OSDaR23, in the research data repository of FID move. This was created in a joint project with Digitale Schiene Deutschland/DB Netz AG and FusionSystems GmbH .
The dataset consists of 45 sequences of annotated multisensor data (color camera, infrared camera, lidar, radar, localization and IMU) collected on several train lines in Hamburg.  It can be analyzed using the Python programs RailLabel published by DB Netz AG. The data can be visualized using the WebLabel Player from Vicomtech Research Foundation.  
The dataset has been published under the license CC BY-SA 3.0 - that means it can be used freely as long as it is cited and results derived from it are passed on under the same license conditions.