FID Licenses

We organise Access

As a Specialised Information Service (Fachinformationsdienst - FID) we acquire eletronic licenses of subject-specific ressources based on the needs of researchers and scientific communities. Together with the Kompetenzzentrum für die Lizenzierung elektronischer Ressourcen (KfL), we organise the nationwide access to selected digital licensed media. We currently provide licences for the following products:

  • Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board
  • SAE International
    • SAE Technical Papers
    • SAE Technical Standards

Below you will find the explanations on how to login and register. If you have any questions about the procedure or have requests or suggestions for licensing of databases and other scientifically relevant media for your scientific community, please contact  

About Registration and Login...

Registration and login takes place via the KfL on this page Due government-funding reasons, only researchers who are working in transport and/or mobility research at public universities, partially publicly funded universities, research institutions and/or research-supporting institutions in Germany have access to the FID licenses on FID move. The requirements will be checked by the Team of FID move at the registration before your access is granted.


...if you haven't had an account for FID licenses yet

For the initial registration to use FID licences, please visit and follow these instructions (see PDF):



... if you need access to further licences

Due to different licencing conditions, you must request access to each product package individually. To do so, please visit and follow these instructions (see PDF):