Working Paper Series


With our Working Paper Series ON THE MOVE we offer a low-threshold, easy-to-find publication service for mobility and transport research. The aim of this irregular publication series is to provide a low-threshold, easy-to-find publication offering for mobility and transport research.

Within the framework of the Working Paper Series, scientific text contributions are published that concern current results or problems from mobility and transport-related research. Insights into ongoing research and results that are not yet final can be presented via the Working Paper Series and introduced into the discussion.

In terms of content, the Working Paper Series is particularly geared towards:


Mobility Research
Traffic Engineering
Transport policy
Transportation Economics
Operations Research
Traffic Planning
Traffic psychology and medicine


The broad profile in terms of content is intended to promote interdisciplinary exchange and debate within a pluralistic research landscape.

The contributions are deposited in the FID move repository and can be accessed there free of charge. The copyright remains with the authors. The articles published here may later lead to publications in other contexts (journals, conference proceedings, anthologies, theses, etc.).

Requirement and publication process


We cordially invite you to publish suitable contributions as part of the Working Paper Series. Please feel free to contact us at .

Please note:

Submissions are always possible.

  • In order to be published, the contributions must have scientific merit and content.
  • Editing, proofreading, and text design are carried out by the author(s).
  • Any image rights must also be obtained by the author(s).
  • The contributions must have at least the format and length of an article.
  • The FID move provides a layout recommendation.
  • Authors must be able to indicate either a publication history or a scientific qualification level on the level of a doctorate as an indicator for the scientific quality of the contribution. If this is not available, we alternatively ask for a recommendation by an appropriately scientifically qualified person.

Quality Management

After submission, the FID move will check the scientific and technical suitability for publication in the repository. A further review process in the sense of a peer review does not take place.


The aim of the Working Paper Series is to ensure a rapid publication of the contributions. As long as no queries or further coordination are necessary, publication will take place within a maximum of 3 working days after submission. Each paper will receive a pre-published page marking its affiliation with the series.

For questions, please contact: