State of Alertness During Simulated Driving Tasks

    D’Anna, Carmen / Bibbo, Daniele / Bertollo, Maurizio et al. | Springer Verlag
    level of alertness accomplished by driving on the centre of the road, so reducing the probably of collision. These results suggest that the ...
    Schlagwörter: Alertness, Driving


    Alertness maintaining tasks (AMTs) while driving

    Oron-Gilad, Tal / Ronen, Adi / Shinar, David | Elsevier
    AbstractWe evaluated the effectiveness of alertness maintaining tasks (AMTs) on ...
    Schlagwörter: Simulated driving, Alertness maintaining


    Investigation of Three Potential Stress Inducement Tasks During On-Road Driving

    Mathissen, Marcel / Hennes, Nikica / Faller, Fabian et al. | IEEE
    A driving study was performed to induce stress with 24 participants performing different inducement tasks (n-back task, Sing-a-Song Stress ...


    Effects of chronotype and time of day on the vigilance decrement during simulated driving

    Correa, Ángel / Molina, Enrique / Sanabria, Daniel | Elsevier
    Chronotype, time of day and time on task effects on driving were tested ...


    Indexing Mental Workload During Simulated Air Traffic Control Tasks by Means of Dual Frequency Head Maps

    Freier Zugriff
    Radüntz, Thea / Fürstenau, Norbert / Mühlhausen, Thorsten et al. | Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
    21 air traffic controllers during arrival management tasks. Mental workload variations were achieved by simulation scenarios with different ...
    Schlagwörter: state monitoring


    Event-related potentials and secondary task performance during simulated driving

    Wester, A.E. / Böcker, K.B.E. / Volkerts, E.R. et al. | Elsevier
    simultaneously with the driving test. This study shows that when performing a simple secondary task during driving, performance of the driving task and ...
    Schlagwörter: Simulated driving


    The effect of touch-key size on the usability of In-Vehicle Information Systems and driving safety during simulated driving

    Kim, Heejin / Kwon, Sunghyuk / Heo, Jiyoon et al. | Tema Archiv
    -key sizes while performing simulated driving. The size of the touch-key was 7.5 mm, 12.5 mm, 17.5 mm, 22.5 mm and 27.5 mm, and the speed of ...


    Eyelid-based driver state classification under simulated and real driving conditions

    Ebrahim, Parisa / Abdellaoui, Amira / Stolzmann, Wolfgang et al. | IEEE
    conditions during 67 hours of driving. We have assessed the driver state by artificial neural network, support vector machine and k-nearest neighbors ...


    A Strategically Timed Verbal Task Improves Performance and Neurophysiological Alertness During Fatiguing Drives

    Atchley, Paul / Chan, Mark / Gregersen, Sabrina | Tema Archiv
    Objective: The objective of this study was to investigate if a verbal task can improve alertness and if performance changes are associated ...


    Self-Regulation Minimizes Crash Risk from Attentional Effects of Cognitive Load during Auditory-Vocal Tasks

    Young, Richard / Wayne State Univ. | SAE Technical Papers
    This study reanalyzes the data from a recent experimental report from the University of Utah investigating the effect on driving ...
    Verlag: Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE International


    On-road and simulated driving: Concurrent and discriminant validation

    Mayhew, Daniel R. / Simpson, Herb M. / Wood, Katherine M. et al. | Elsevier
    relative validity of the simulator. However, specific driving errors on the two tasks were not closely related suggesting that absolute validity ...
    Schlagwörter: Driving skill, Driving simulator


    A novel physiological index for Driver’s Activation State derived from simulated monotonous driving studies

    Yamakoshi, Takehiro / Rolfe, Peter / Yamakoshi, Yasuhiro et al. | Elsevier
    firstly set out to examine physiological variables, including cardiovascular parameters, during simulated monotonous driving. Subsequently, we ...
    Schlagwörter: driver’s activation state, index of the driver’s activation state, Driver’s Activation State, Monotonous driving



    Freier Zugriff
    NAKADA TORU / MORIKAWA KOJI | Europäisches Patentamt
    determination criterion adjustment section for adjusting a determination criterion for determining a state of attention of the operator during a driving ...


    Unobtrusive Measurement of Physiological Features Under Simulated and Real Driving Conditions

    Leicht, Lennart / Walter, Marian / Mathissen, Marcel et al. | IEEE
    simulated and real driving conditions. Methods: The feasability of unobtrusive methods was tested by comparing measurements from unobtrusive sensors ...


    SUPS: A Simulated Underground Parking Scenario Dataset for Autonomous Driving

    Hou, Jiawei / Chen, Qi / Cheng, Yurong et al. | IEEE
    tasks are supported by our dataset. We also evaluate the state-of-the-art SLAM algorithms and perception models on our dataset. Finally, we open ...


    The effect of anger on pedestrian avoidance in a simulated driving task

    Zhang, Qian / Qu, Weina / Ge, Yan | Elsevier
    . Anger increased the general risky behaviour, like driving speed ...
    Schlagwörter: Simulated driving


    The effects of driver training on simulated driving performance

    Dorn, Lisa / Barker, David | Elsevier
    behaviour in a simulated driving task compared with drivers without professional driver training. A sample of 54 police trained drivers and a sample ...
    Schlagwörter: Driving behaviour, Driving simulator


    An examination of the relationship between measures of impulsivity and risky simulated driving amongst young drivers

    Hatfield, Julie / Williamson, Ann / Kehoe, E. James et al. | Elsevier
    HighlightsPercentage of No-go errors was ...
    Schlagwörter: Risky driving


    The impact of 7-hour and 11-hour rest breaks between shifts on heavy vehicle truck drivers’ sleep, alertness and naturalistic driving performance

    Cori, Jennifer M. / Downey, Luke A. / Sletten, Tracey L. et al. | Elsevier
    . Objective alertness when driving was improved after the 11- vs. 7-hour rest break ...
    Schlagwörter: Driving, Ocular alertness


    Is the Driving Behaviour of Young Novices and Young Experienced Drivers Under Alcohol Linked to Their Perceived Effort and Alertness?

    Berthelon, Catherine / Galy, Edith | Springer Verlag
    participated in three simulated driving sessions (BACs of 0.0, 0.2 and 0.5 g/L). They had to drive during 45 min. on a simulated highway road. After ...
    Schlagwörter: Driving simulator