Can Holistic Optimization Improve Airport Air Traffic Management Performance?

    Karahasanovic, Amela / Eide, Aslak W. / Schittekat, Patrick et al. | IEEE


    Air Traffic Flow Management slot allocation to minimize propagated delay and improve airport slot adherence

    Ivanov, Nikola / Netjasov, Fedja / Jovanović, Radosav et al. | Elsevier
    HighlightsA model for Air Traffic Flow ...
    Schlagwörter: Air Traffic Flow Management, Airport slot adherence, Performance targets


    Methods of air traffic management in the airport area including the environmental factor

    Płanda, Beata / Skorupski, Jacek | Taylor & Francis Verlag

    In the modern approach to air traffic management (ATM), issues related to air quality and climate protection have

    Schlagwörter: Air quality at the airport, air traffic management, environmental factor in air traffic


    Methods of air traffic management in the airport area including the environmental factor

    Płanda, Beata | Online Contents
    In the modern approach to air traffic management (ATM), issues related to air quality and climate protection have led to the introduction ...
    Schlagwörter: environmental factor in air traffic, air traffic management, Air quality at the airport


    Optimization Approach to Data-Driven Air Traffic Flow Management

    Diao, Xudong / Lu, Shan | Transportation Research Record

    An integer programming model for data-driven air traffic flow management that extends the state-of-the-art approach of Bertsimas and




    Freier Zugriff
    A. V. Lugovaya / A. E. Konovalov | DOAJ
    the required airspace capacity of the aerodrome area.The basis of module is a manual procedure, in which the air traffic controller arranges ...
    Schlagwörter: a-cdm – airport collaborative decision-making, atmf – air traffic flow management


    Validation of multi-objective optimization for total airport management

    Jipp, M. / Depenbrock, F.S. / Suikat, R. et al. | Tema Archiv
    ., airlines, ground handlers, air traffic control, airport company, etc.). To improve these numbers and yield a high level of efficient mobility, a ...
    Schlagwörter: Luftverkehr, Flughafen


    Scenario-based air traffic flow management: From theory to practice

    Liu, Pei-chen Barry / Hansen, Mark / Mukherjee, Avijit | Elsevier
    use static or dynamic optimization to manage uncertainty about how airport capacities will evolve. Both static and dynamic models involve the ...
    Schlagwörter: Air traffic flow management, Airport capacity, Stochastic optimization, Dynamic optimization


    Scenario-Based Management of Air Traffic Flow

    Developing and Using Capacity Scenario Trees
    Liu, Pei-Chen Barry / Hansen, Mark / Mukherjee, Avijit | Transportation Research Record

    Recent studies of the single-airport ground-holding problem use static or dynamic optimization to manage uncertainty about future



    Game-Theoretic Trajectory-Negotiation Mechanism for Merging Air Traffic Management

    Park, Sang Gyun / Menon, P. K. | AIAA
    deviating from its desired trajectory, whereas the objective of the air traffic controller is to provide clearances that ensure fairness while ...
    Schlagwörter: Collaborative Air Traffic Management, Air Navigation Service Provider, Trajectory Optimization


    Effect of Fatigue and Stress on Air Traffic Control Performance

    Zhang, Xingjian / Yuan, Lepingyuan / Zhao, Mo et al. | IEEE
    findings are expected to support the recognition of control states and improve the optimization of air traffic controller management. ...


    An Optimization Scheme for Consortium Blockchain in Airport Collaborative Decision Making

    Zhang, Xiaohui / Miao, Xianghua | IEEE
    improve the capability of flight management and reduce the trust barriers among the multi-stakeholders such as airport, air traffic management ...


    On load balancing strategies for baggage screening at airports

    Wu, Xuepei / Xie, Lihua | Elsevier
    (BHS). The performance of the screening subsystem is important as it can potentially cause traffic congestion of the whole BHS during peak ...
    Schlagwörter: Performance evaluation


    New airport noise management techniques

    Bassanino, M. / Alberici, A. / Deforza, P. et al. | Tema Archiv
    The Lombardy airport system is composed by the three international nodes of Malpensa, Linate (respectively the second and the third Italian ...
    Schlagwörter: Flughafen, Luftverkehr


    Framework for High-Density-Area Departure and Arrival Traffic Management

    Taylor, Christine / Masek, Tudor / Bateman, Hilton | AIAA

    An operational concept is proposed to improve high-density-area departure and arrival traffic management that specifically accounts for

    Schlagwörter: Aviation System Performance Metrics, Next Generation Air Transportation System, Airspace Management, Traffic Flow Management System


    AcListant with Continuous Learning: Speech Recognition in Air Traffic Control

    Rataj, J. / Helmke, H. / Ohneiser, O. | Springer Verlag

    Increasing air traffic creates many challenges for air traffic management (ATM). A general answer to these

    Schlagwörter: Optimization


    Hyperheuristic Approach Based on Reinforcement Learning for Air Traffic Complexity Mitigation

    Juntama, Paveen / Delahaye, Daniel / Chaimatanan, Supatcha et al. | AIAA
    results show that the proposed approach can reduce air traffic complexity by 92.8%. The performance of the proposed algorithm is then compared ...
    Schlagwörter: Air Transportation, Air Traffic Controller, Particle Swarm Optimization


    Effects of Air Traffic Congestion Delays under Several Flow-Management Policies

    Glockner, Gregory D. | Transportation Research Record

    Air traffic delays occur when demand for airports or airspace exceeds available capacity. Consequently, these delay effects can be



    Assessment of Risks and Benefits of Context-Adaptive Augmented Reality for Aerodrome Control Towers

    Gurluk, Hejar / Gluchshenko, Olga / Finke, Michael et al. | IEEE
    management, particularly within the aerodrome control environment. Augmented reality can support air traffic controllers (ATCOs) in collecting and ...


    Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Grey Fixed Weight Clustering for Airport Pavement Service Performance

    Wang, Guanhu / Cai, Liangcai / Shao, Bin et al. | ASCE

    Evaluation of airport pavement service performance provides decision-making reference for management and scheme of design and

    Schlagwörter: Airport and airfield runways, Air transportation, Optimization, Traffic management, Transportation management