Wheel profile optimization on railway vehicles from the wear viewpoint

    Ignesti, M. / Innocenti, A. / Marini, L. et al. | Tema Archiv
    canted at 1/20 rad, which represents the wheel-rail combination adopted in Italian railway line. The two wheel profiles, conventionally named CD1 ...


    Effect of Worn Wheel Profile and Primary Stiffness Change on Railway Vehicle Nonlinear Stability

    Li, Yan / Zhang, Weihua | ASCE
    wheel profile in vehicle service for the purpose of good stability. ...
    Schlagwörter: Railroad trains


    Influence of switches and crossings on wheel profile evolution in freight vehicles

    Casanueva, Carlos / Doulgerakis, Emmanouil / Jönsson, Per-Anders et al. | Tema Archiv
    Wheel reprofiling costs for freight vehicles are a major issue in Sweden, reducing the profitability of freight traffic operations and ...
    Schlagwörter: Eisenbahn


    Industrial implementation of novel procedures for the prediction of railway wheel surface deterioration

    Enblom, Roger / Stichel, Sebastian | Tema Archiv
    Adequate performance of the wheel-rail interface is essential for satisfactory operation of a railway system in terms of quality of service ...


    Analysis of Heavy Hual Railway Wear on Wheel/Rail Contact Geometry

    Li, Di / Wei, Kai / Chen, Ruiying et al. | ASCE
    urban railway system. As a result, the rail/wheel wear become more and more serious, thus decreased the rail rigidity and changed the rail-wheel ...


    A study of the wheel geometry effect on the dynamic behavior of railroad vehicles

    Shabana, Ahmed A. / Tobaa, Mahmoud / Zaazaa, Khaled E. | Tema Archiv
    dynamics and stability of railroad vehicles. In this investigation, the effect of these geometric properties is investigated. A wheel profile that ...


    Condition monitoring at the wheel/rail interface for decision-making support

    Palo, Mikael / Galar, Diego / Nordmark, Thomas et al. | Tema Archiv
    ) for the condition monitoring of wheel health. Once wheels are properly thresholded, determining their condition can help operators to define ...
    Schlagwörter: Eisenbahn, Rad-Schiene-Kontakt


    Algorithms and software to determine rail profile using moving distorted images

    Popov, Dmitry V. / Smoleva, Olga S. | SPIE
    At present there are exist comprehensive studies in the field of railway track condition monitoring systems and development of non-contact ...


    Characteristic parameters of nonlinear wheel/rail contact geometry

    Polach, Oldrich | Tema Archiv
    This article deals with the characterisation of wheel/rail contact geometry for measured or the theoretical wheel and rail profile ...


    Development of a wear prediction tool for steel railway wheels using three alternative wear functions

    Pombo, Joao / Ambrosio, Jorge / Pereira, Manuel et al. | Tema Archiv
    of the wheel profiles for a given railway system, as a function of the distance run, is presented. The strategy adopted consists of a ...


    Wheel/rail contact geometry assessment to limit rolling contact fatigue initiation at high axle loads

    Fröhling, Robert / Spangenberg, Ulrich / Hettasch, Georg | Tema Archiv
    Rolling contact fatigue on any railway system has a significant impact on the safety and efficiency of the operation. This is especially ...


    Reliability and measurement accuracy of a condition monitoring system in an extreme climate: A case study of automatic laser scanning of wheel profiles

    Asplund, Matthias / Gustafsson, Per / Nordmark, Thomas et al. | Tema Archiv
    wagon wheel is one of the most important aspects in this connection, and here the wheel profile plays an important role. For this reason an ...
    Schlagwörter: Eisenbahn


    Railway Track Quality Assessment Method Based on Mechanism Modeling

    Qin, Yong / Wei, Wei / Xing, Zong-yi et al. | ASCE
    important excitation parameters for a railway vehicle. The track excitation leads to high vibrations and therefore to dynamic vehicle response ...
    Schlagwörter: Railroad tracks


    Experimental simulation and prediction of wear of wheel flange and rail gauge corner

    Jin, Ying / Ishida, Makoto / Namura, Akira | Tema Archiv
    verified for the actual railway system. ...


    In-motion ultrasonic testing of the tread of high-speed railway wheels using the inspection system AUROPA III

    Salzburger, Hans-Juergen / Wang, Li / Gao, Xiaorong | Tema Archiv
    inspections and optical gauging of the wheel profile are commonly applied for high-speed trains. AUROPA III is a rather new ultrasonic inspection ...
    Verlag: Chinese Society for Non-destructive Testing, Shanghai


    Effect of independently rotating wheels on the dynamic performance of railroad vehicles

    Zaazaa, Khaled E. / Whitten, Brian | Tema Archiv
    during curving is expected. However, by judicious choice of wheel profile and careful truck design, the lateral force between wheel and rail ...
    Schlagwörter: Eisenbahn


    Intelligent system for real-time prediction of railway vehicle response to the interaction with track geometry

    Bonaventura, C.S. / Palese, J.W. / Zarembki, A.M. | IEEE
    Safe interaction of railway vehicles to track and its geometry is of paramount importance to the railroad industry. Railroads currently ...


    Simulation of severe wheel-rail wear

    Li, Z.L. / Kalker, J.J. | Tema Archiv
    Wear is inherent to wheel-rail system. Severe wear is a problem for heavy haul railways. Based on experimental results, knowledge in ...
    Schlagwörter: Eisenbahn


    Compatibility of curving performance and hunting stability of railway bogie

    Matsumoto, A. / Sato, Y. / Ohno, H. et al. | Tema Archiv
    The curving performance and high speed hunting stability are important for railway bogies, but generally they are contrary to each other ...


    Analysis and development of an improved method for gauging flat and out-of-round railroad wheels

    Brady, J.F. / Lovette, P.M. | Tema Archiv
    associated wheel profile data gathered during this project. Using this background information, a methodology for development of an improved gauging ...